What is a business expert, or SME?

24 Mar 2021 Lee Luong 0 Small Business and Entrepreneurship

If you are new to e-learning and have not yet come across the term “business expert” or “SME” (Subject Matter Expert, in English), it should not be long. In the world of e-learning, these terms are used to refer to a person who is an expert in his field. 

Within a company, this is the person with the most in-depth knowledge or skills in a specific area. But no need to go looking for a professional expert service, it does not exist! A business expert can be a member of HR, an engineer, a researcher, a product manager, a sales manager or a member of the finance department. Almost every service or operational unit has its expert.

The business expert is a wealth of knowledge and experience essential to the creation of exceptional modules that your learners need to quickly familiarize themselves with a new skill or to improve their existing skills. And when you design an e-learning module, the business expert is your best ally.

The business expert can help you set learning goals and design content. He can also give you valuable comments during the development of the module. In short, it's hard to do without it when designing a module! If you are creating e-learning modules, you should work in partnership with the business expert to access the information, strategies, and content that you will need to create effective modules. It is therefore essential to set up a partnership based on effective communication.


BY: Lee Luong

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