[Invitation] TechTuesday Webinar Series - Discover A New Approach to Workload Protection with VMware Distributed Network Security

16 Apr 2021 Lee Luong 0 Cloud Computing

TechTuesday Webinar Series

With the rapid increase in clever, innovative attacks by agile adversaries, even the strongest perimeter defenses can be breached, allowing attackers to gain access to the datacenter. Once inside, they can do reconnaissance, elevate privileges, and potentially access or exfiltrate highly sensitive data. The problem has only gotten worse as organizations move to more cloud-based applications and hybrid environments.
VMware has taken an automated, distributed, and enterprise-wide approach to preventing advanced threats. The solution is the VMware Advanced Threat Prevention, an add-on to its NSX Service-defined Firewall. It protects against advanced threats based on comprehensive network detection and response (NDR). It increases fidelity, reduces false positives, and accelerates remediation, while simultaneously reducing the amount of manual work that analysts must do.


Discover A New Approach to Workload Protection with VMware Distributed Network Security

  Date: 27 April 2021, Tuesday


1:00PM ICT, 2:00PM SGT




The New Security Battleground – Securing East-West Traffic


A Network-Based Approach to Advanced Threat Protection


Zero Trust Security Model – A Practical Approach


Key Takeaways:


Achieving Network Segmentation with A Software-Based Approach


Network-Based Approach to Advanced Threat Protection


VMware's Approach to Zero Trust Security Model



Tock Hiong Ng
Senior Manager,
Specialist Solutions Engineering,
Networking, Security & Automation,
Southeast Asia & Korea,



Chian Chong Wong
Specialist Solutions Engineer,
Networking & Security,
Southeast Asia & Korea,


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