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Students Testimonial.

Loved how you skipped the irrelevant section and focused on the value. Also like how you included good practices like testing and versioning.

Oscar Crespo Backend Developer

Putting things on the map is not just about programming skills, but you need to know about certain terminology and technology to make it happen.

I liked this course because it

  • did a good introduction to map related technology like geoJSON,
  • pointed out the quirks in leaflet,
  • provided knowledge that I can use right away.
  • provided tools like that makes you more productive in mapping.

szabolcsnagy Backend Developer

This course was really good! Thank you for sharing it!

It was nice to review some good practices I already knew but I also learned a lot, specially with the aria-* attributes.

I've recommended it to my friends and once again, thank you for sharing such nice resources.

Arthur Frontend Developer

I like how the chapters are separated so I can apply accessible features progressively. Thanks for taking care of this unfamiliar but important matter!

César Vélez Frontend Developer

Overall really good course, and there are some cheap takeaways to help improve some of the React apps I'm working on. I particularly appreciated the clarification of which bits were React-specific vs general web a11y.

I'm a Linux user, and quite a bit was Mac-centric. Some mention of JAWS/NVDA/...Orca(?) would be helpful. Do they all behave more-or-less "the same", are there common issues to look out for when testing across platforms? (like the point about how high contrast behaves differently on Mac vs Windows)

Fred Collman Admin Linux System

Bogdan is an excellent instructor and he moves through this extensive material at a pace that I think most can handle. The latest additional 2 lectures were a great addition for those who do not have much experience with setting up the foundation of an application . Great job, Bogdan!

Bernie Russell Designer

You are really powerful in delivering, and i learned a lot. Hoping to see you in subsequent programs

John Abdul Kamara Developer

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